National Geodata Centre (NGDC) for Kenya

National Geodata Centre (NGDC) for Kenya

Ministry of Petroleum and Mining


Welcome to web site of the National Geodata Centre (NGDC) for Kenya, the authoritative repository of Kenyan Geoscientific data. The NGDC is hosted by the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining and administered by the Directorate of Geological Surveys (DGS). The Ministry is establishing the NGDC as a one- stop-shop for geoscientific data and information for the country. The NGDC is the means by which the Ministry is organising and safeguarding its data and documents in a more systematic and accessible manner, making them readily available to stakeholders with minimal bureaucracy. Development of such a national repository of geoscience information along with the compilation, publication and dissemination of information and data concerning the geology and mineral resources of Kenya and facilitating access to this information by the general public is a requirement under the Mining Act of 2016.

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What can the National Geodata Centre do for you?

Provide a secure location to store fieldwork, investigation results, geological mapping data and much more.

What is the National Geodata Centre?

The National Geodata Centre is a facility for the collection and delivery of geoscientific information and data held in a digital format.

Why would you provide a copy of your data to the National Geodata Centre?

Contribute to this new national collection of geodata.